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Antique Book Published in 1552 Donated

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GREAT News! We have accepted an AMAZING ANTIQUE BOOK donation from Anne and Vince Cole entitled “Der erste [zweifte] Teil der Bücher uber etliche Epistel der Apostein” which was published in Wittemberg in 1552!

Yes, this book is over 460 years old, and contains theology, sermons, and Bible commentaries.

Says Anne, “I cannot describe what it is like to hold this book in your hands, other than, emotional. It has a gravity to it, its impossible to explain, it has to be experienced. It is in rough condition, and one has to wonder, what has this book witnessed in the past 460 years? We are frequent visitors to Galveston and as well as members of the Galveston Historical Foundation. We have attended FLC Oktoberfest several times, loved the church and the people. When the librarian at Univ. of Canada suggested donation, we immediately thought of FLC and are thrilled that FLC will be the recipient of this volume.”

Anne notes that both SMU and the University of Canada told her this book “culturally important and worth saving” and recommended donation to a library. We are so honored that she has selected First Lutheran Church of Galveston as the new permanent home for this Christian treasure!

Stay tuned for more news about when this book will arrive! THANK YOU Anne and Vince!! We look forward to having you visit us the next time you are in town!


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